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Get wholesale oils and oil powders US made to certification standards (FDA, FSMA, DSHEA, GFSI, USDA organic). As an oil and oil powder wholesaler, we understand our customers require the flexibility to order small and large raw material quantities for their products. Connoils can provide the volume you need of any raw ingredient, formulated to your specifications and potency for increased market value. We plant or source conventional, organic, and biodynamic products with full traceability and quality documentation, ensuring you meet the regulatory standards of your industry.

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US-BASED Wholesale Ingredient Supplier

We specialize in processing organic biomass for custom products that meet a variety of international standards and certifications. Our FDA-approved facility is equipped to handle the formulation of any all-natural raw ingredient in bulk, including:

CBD oils & oil powders wholesalers isolates & distillates
MCT oils and oil powders wholesale manufacturing Coconut oil & MCT isolates

Get in touch for a quote on wholesale ingredient formulation. Connoils is a USA based supplier and distributor of oil and oil powders including Saw PalmettoCoconutBorageFlax SeedChia SeedEvening PrimroseWheat GermPumpkin SeedBlack CurrantRice BranGrape SeedSunflower SeedSafflower SeedCranberryPhytosterolsLecithinPalmPomegranateBlack Cumin SeedRosemaryWheyAvocadoAlmondOliveStrawberry SeedLavender and more.

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Full-service support for wholesale customers

As a comprehensive oil manufacturer, we offer supply chain consultations that take raw materials to finished products, private labeling/white labeling and shipping direct. Or, Connoils has the experience and business acumen to direct you to the best resources for getting your product to market, faster. 

Partner with a company that understands your business needs and industry standards better than anyone.

wholesale Raw ingredients for any industry

As a custom oil wholesaler and comprehensive manufacturing company, Connoils is able to offer competitively priced oils and oil powders for global industries. Connoils is a bulk supplier of oils & oil powders derived from all-natural sources. Our products can compete in any industry, including:


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Oils & oil powders for food products Oils & oil powders for beverages Oils & oil powders for supplements Oils & oil powders for vitamins Oils & oil powders for nutraceuticals Oils & oil powders for pet care products Oils & oil powders for drink mixes Oils & oil powders for beauty products Oils & oil powders for essential oils Oils & oil powders for homeopathic products

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Connoils bulk oil & oil powder manufacturer Big Bend, Wisconsin

We specialize in custom formulating oils that are organic & all-natural in our FDA-approved facility in the U.S. We tailor each formulation to your business needs, ensuring every product that ships from our facility is precisely unique to you and only your business. We offer bulk vegan alternative oils for growing markets, isolated fatty acid gel pods for a variety of supplement industries, and so much more.


By minimizing the use of heat in transforming oils into oil powders, Connoils maximizes the nutritional integrity of your microencapsulated product. Heatless drying technology efficiently encapsulates the desired ingredients, resulting in high oil load oil powders. This means the oil powders you get from Connoils are more potent than manufacturers that use heated drying processes.

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