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Connoils supplies USA-made bulk oils, oil powders and softgels to
international businesses in countries all over the world:

Organic Omega-3 Products from Algae & Plants

Bulk Omega-3 oil made with seedsSupply your industry with the best custom formulated oils & oil products on the market. Connoils specializes in custom crafting oils to suit any need: especially alternative solutions. Our Omega-3 oil & products can be sourced from plants to offer your market a vegan, vegetarian, and all-natural necessary supplement. We grow or source our supplies through our Peterson Plant Products (PPP) company to ensure your raw ingredient or product is completely organic, non-GMO, vegan, and more depending on your market’s needs.

Plant-Based Omega-3 Products

Where does omega-3 come from?

Plants like chia seeds, walnuts, and flaxseeds are rich in ALA (an essential fatty acid of Omega-3), while alternative sources like algae and seaweed are rich in the other groups: EPA and DHA. Connoils uses a variety of sources of omega-3 to craft a custom formulation that has all the essential fatty acid groups in one plant-based product:

And so much more. Get in touch with our facility to get a quote on the raw ingredient or final product you need


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Buy, grow, or source omega-3 oils from plants

We’ve worked with manufacturers and companies in the pet nutrition, commercial-grade food, supplement & nutraceutical, beauty and sports industries to provide customized formulations with the highest potency available. Our experts draw on industry-leading training and technology to bring your oil above and beyond the standards of regulatory compliance.

Omega-3 Supplement white labeling

We formulate the oils and provide the business acumen to get your product to market faster. Develop custom labeling for your plant-based omega-3 oil or product to provide consumers the best of organic, non-GMO oils in the market. We provide superior customer service, on-time delivery and price competitiveness. As a toll processor, we take any element from raw ingredient to finished product, through white-labeling and ship directly to you.

International Bulk Omega-3 Supplier

Get in touch with our facility to get a quote on your custom omega-3 plant oil; we work with industries and businesses around the world to get your product to market faster than ever. Whether you’re interested in foreign business or domestic wholesale, partner with Connoils to get you to the top.

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Omega 3 Oil from Plants vs. Fish

Integrating a variety of sources into your diet is beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. Although fatty fish are rich in omega-3’s, they are not the only source of this essential acid. Alternatives like nuts, seeds, berries, algae and seaweed provide comprehensive omega-3 oils that are just as healthy. Get started on your vegan omega-3 supplements, alternative sports nutrition, dietary vitamin, and beyond with custom formulators at Connoils. 

Interested in omega-3 from fish?

We offer that too - our omega-3 oils from fish products are comprehensive and custom tailored to your industry and target audience. 

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