Bulk organic oil & oil powder ingredients for beauty products

Global cosmetic and personal care companies are investing like never before in research, development and promotional campaigns as consumers are leaning towards more natural beauty and multi-use products to simplify their personal care routines. Connoils manufactures USDA-organic custom oil & oil powder formulations that exceed the needs of your consumer base and can be integrated into your beauty product manufacturing process.

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Custom-craft any ingredient

Launching a successful beauty brand requires organic ingredients and a reliable bulk manufacturer for private label, that's where we step in. Connoils can custom craft oils & oil powders to meet any certification or regulatory need, so you can manufacture the perfect final product.

Connoils custom-formulates a variety of bulk oils & oil powders for your products, including:

US skincare oil & ingredient manufacturer

We make a variety of custom oil and oil powder products for the beauty industry, including:

…and manufacture oils in bulk for accessibility to the development of your product line. We source our ingredients from organic-certified farms and manufacture finished products with innovative techniques to maintain the integrity of your marketable product, anywhere in the world. Get in touch to discuss your beauty product endeavor with our business development team and we’ll quote your bulk oil manufacturing order.

U.S-ingredients, international reach

Connoils works with global makeup, skincare and beauty product businesses to develop an ingredient that meets the regulatory standard of any country. We've developed the ingredients for businesses in:

...and everywhere between.

The single-source oil powder supplier For beauty Products

We’ve worked with manufacturers and companies in the beauty industry around the world, providing customized formulations with the highest potency available. Our experienced formulators draw on industry-leading training and technology to bring your product above and beyond the standards of regulatory compliance.  


We offer competitively priced bulk orders of oils and oil powders for beauty products. Through our Peterson Plant Products (PPP) company, we plant or source fully traceable and properly documented conventional, organic and biodynamic products ensuring you’ll meet the regulatory standards for your industry. Our microencapsulation techniques are important for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because they allow for the controlled release of active agents. Microencapsulation of oils provides protection from oxidative decomposition and evaporation for products with longer shelf-life and higher potency.

Need an oil or oil powder for your beauty product, but unsure of the next steps? Contact the oil and oil powder experts at Connoils today.

We Buy, Grow or Source Oil & Oil Powder Products

We’ve worked with manufacturers and companies in the pet nutrition, functional food, health, beauty and sports nutrition industries, providing customized formulations with the highest potency available. Our experienced formulators draw on industry leading training and technology to bring your product beyond the standards of regulatory compliance.

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A Single-Source Custom Supplier

We’re competitively priced in oils and oil powders. Through our Peterson Plant Products (PPP) company, we plant or source conventional, organic and biodynamic products with full traceability and documentation, ensuring you meet the regulatory standards of your industry.

Custom Formulation

Cutting-Edge Drying Technology Increases Ingredient Potency

By minimizing the use of heat in transforming oils into oil powders, Connoils maximizes the nutritional integrity of your product through microencapsulation. We're able to create high oil load oil powders that are more potent than those from manufacturers that use traditional drying processes.

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