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Connoils supplies USA-made bulk oils, oil powders and softgels to
international businesses in countries all over the world:

Bulk Supply & Manufacture of Soy Lecithin Fluids & Powders

Connoils manufactures and supplies soy lecithin up to USDA food and drink grade standards. We manufacture to the specifications your product requires, whether all-natural or organic. Our process guarantees the purity of the granules, powders, or fluids of soy lecithin, which are tested regularly throughout manufacture to ensure regulatory compliance. We're one of the largest international manufacturersdistributors, and wholesale suppliers of bulk orders of soy lecithin. Our clients range from startups to big international corporations creating gels, capsules, pills, dried beverages, tabletsdrinks, and more. 

Soy Lecithin powders bulk supply & manufactureAs a single-source supplier, we’re competitively priced in soy lecithin oils and powders. Through our Peterson Plant Products (PPP) company, we plant or source conventional, organic, and biodynamic products with full traceability and quality documentation, ensuring you meet the regulatory standards of your industry.



We’ve supplied soy lecithin to companies in the pet food, nutrition, functional food, health, beauty, and sports nutrition industries. Connoils provides formulations customized to specific industry needs with the highest potency available. Our experienced formulators draw on industry-leading training and technology to bring your soy lecithin product above and beyond the standards of regulatory compliance.  


As a toll processor, we can take any element (from a raw ingredient to a finished product) through our formulation process, private labeling/white labeling, and shipping direct. Discrete labeling allows personalized branding and redistribution of soy lecithin for suppliers. Connoils provides the flexibility to order both small and large raw materials quantities in accordance with the needs of your company. If you have a more complex product in need of outside resources, Connoils has the experience and business acumen to direct you to the best resources for getting your product to market, faster. 


The biggest difference between sunflower lecithin and soy lecithin is the extraction process. Many other formulators and suppliers use chemicals in their extraction process for soy lecithin, but Connoils uses chemical-free processing for all their bulk oil and oil powder products. Our cutting-edge technology allows for higher purity of phospholipids in the soy lecithin produced, meaning your end product is even more potent and thus performs better.


Soy Lecithin for Commercial Kitchens

Connoils manufactures non-GMO, organic soy lecithin powders, granules, and fluids. Consumers choose soy lecithin as a natural food additive for its antioxidant and flavor-protecting properties, as well as it's gluten-free properties.

Bulk Soy Lecithin for Baking

Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier that binds together wet ingredients that normally would repel each other (water and oils in bread making). Dissolving lecithin in the wet dough stage can build stable texture in your dough, which builds the gluten to strengthen the texture of your bread products and increase the shelf life of your flour products. 

Bulk Soy Lecithin for egg-Free baking

Replacing eggs in vegan baked goods is made easier with bulk soy lecithin powders and oils from Connoils.  Soy lecithin works like an egg to bind the proteins in the flour to create a stable product. 

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Heatless drying for increased Soy Lecithin potency 

By minimizing the use of heat in transforming oils into oil powders, Connoils maximizes the nutritional integrity of your product. Our heatless drying efficiently microencapsulates the soy lecithin, resulting in high oil load oil powders. This means the spy lecithin granules, fluids or powders you get from Connoils are more potent than manufacturers that use heated drying processes. Lecithin powder is easier to incorporate into food, beverages, and other supplements than oil. You can achieve a higher level of the natural ingredient in your finished product with powders. This increases the overall quality of your product, helps consumers make buying decisions, and increases sales.

Need lecithin granules, fluids or powders for your product, but unsure of the next steps? Our experts will work with you to determine the exact specs needed for your specific application. We provide USA-made products with top-quality ingredients. 



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