Private labeling & packaging for custom oil/powder products

We custom formulate raw ingredients that can be manufactured into finished products for bottle labeling and packaging for direct-to-customer sales. Connoils’ innovative formulation technology delivers the exact product you’re looking for while maintaining the integrity of our natural ingredients, helping you meet your desired label claims (like Non-GMO, Vegan, and more).

We’re leading the oil & oil powder industry through innovative technology and advanced business acumen: from high oil load oil powders and bioactive microencapsulated powders with improved absorption uptake to bottling, labeling and shrink sleeve-ing your finished product.

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Private label products to sell

Get your product to market faster with Connoils’ full-service business department. Our labs custom formulate your oil/raw ingredient for final product manufacturing and labeling. We’re accustomed to manufacturing bulk orders for a variety of industries on a global scale. Get in touch for a quote on our services to get your product to market faster.

Private Label Distributor

Connoils operates as a comprehensive manufacturing service: from initial formulation to final distribution of products, we’ve got your best business interests in mind. All packages are labeled and shipped in compliance with regulatory and/or legal requirements.

White label certified and tested oils

We ensure that every raw ingredient or product processed in our facility meets the regulatory standards of any industry, with the certifications you need to fulfill consumer needs shipment after shipment. Our processing facility can turn out quality oils & products that are certified to your (and your consumer's) needs:

DSHEA certified manufacturer of dietary supplements
USDA certified Organic supplier of oils and oil powders
Vegan wholesale supplier of oils and oil powders
Non-GMO bulk oil supplier
Halal certified wholesale oils and oil powders

Get a quote on quality, organic oils & oil powders that can meet the standards of your industry.


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Organic oil and oil powder white labeling company in US

We specialize in custom formulating oils that are organic & all-natural in our FDA-approved facility in the U.S. We tailor each formulation to your business needs, ensuring every product that ships from our facility is precisely unique to your business and targeted consumer base. We offer bulk vegan alternative oils for growing markets, isolated fatty acid gel pods for a variety of supplement industries, and so much more.


With Connoils in your back pocket, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your product. Our manufacturers use heatless drying technology to efficiently encapsulate desired ingredients, resulting in bulk high oil load powders perfect for supplements, pet treats, protein powders and more.

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Connoils is a USA based supplier and distributor of oil and oil powders including Saw Palmetto, MCT, Hemp Seed, Coconut, Borage, Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Evening Primrose, Wheat Germ, Pumpkin Seed, Black Currant, Rice Bran, Grape Seed, Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Cranberry, Phytosterols, Lecithin, Palm, Pomegranate, Soy, Black Cumin Seed, Fish Oil, Rosemary, Whey, Avocado, Almond, Olive, Strawberry Seed, Lavender and more.

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