Connoils: A global leader in oil & oil powder manufacturing and distributing

Humble Beginnings

Connoils™ was founded by Stacy Peterson in 2007 after the division of Cargill, where she was employed, closed operations. She was out of a job, the customer base was out of products and after a detailed discussion with her husband Keith, and Cargill management, Stacy decided to start Connoils™. From the humble beginning of leased space in a certified food warehouse to a facility she thought she’d never outgrow (and did), to a new state-of-the-art green technology certified processing facility in Big Bend, Wisconsin, her goal then - and still today - is to listen, learn and educate to improve the health and vitality of peoples’ lives by creating, selling and growing a product line of nutritionally stable ingredients and bulk supplements for brands.


Global Success

Today Connoils™ Oil Powders are used in Foods, Supplements, Natural Agrotechnology Products, and Functional Beverages like Meal Replacements, Infant Nutrition, Sr. Nutrition, Sports/Lifestyle, Personal Care, and Pet Nutrition Products. Our core customers are fully integrated brands or marketing brands that use contract manufacturers and packagers, and product development companies and universities. We actively sell and ship to over 28-countries covering 6-continents. 

As a woman-led, global distributor and manufacturer of high-quality organic oils and oil powders, ConnOils helps a variety of industries bring their products to market faster, including:

We sell Connoils™ Oil Powders to fully integrated brands and brand contract manufacturers and packagers who need certified-, high-quality ingredients for their food, supplement, functional beverage, and natural agrotechnology products. Unlike traditional spray drying, Connoils™ uses innovative green technology that to date, has only been used by two industries, one of which is the fragrance industry. By minimizing the use of heat and airflow, this chemical-free technology transforms oil to oil powders creating stable microencapsulated ingredients with an extended shelf life of 12-36 months and offers up to 30% higher nutritional value than that of spray-dried powders. Connoils™ currently sells ingredients in 28-countries covering 6-continents. Our Certified Woman Owned processing facility in Big Bend, Wisconsin is FSMA – Food Safety/HACCP Certified, GMP Certified, FDA Registered and Inspected, USDA Food Processor Certified, NOP Organic, Kosher, and Halal Certified.

FDA registered manufacturer of bulk oils and oil powders
DSHEA certified manufacturer of dietary supplements
USDA certified Organic supplier of oils and oil powders
Vegan wholesale supplier of oils and oil powders
Kosher certified
Non-GMO bulk oil supplier
Halal certified wholesale oils and oil powders

Our Companies include:

Florida-sourced Saw Palmetto Processing Facility - we plant and source conventional, organic raw materials with full traceability and quality documentation to help you meet the strict regulatory requirements of your industry.

We can package retail-ready products using your own labeling, including products from our brand AbbyChristopher made using fully traceable ingredients. We offer our “Made in America” private labeling for domestic and international sales.

Supports our customers seeking the highest quality product grown and harvested with the planet in mind. These products are sustainably grown to regenerate the soil’s nutrients.

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Work with Us

Connoils is a USA based supplier and distributor of oil and oil powders including Saw Palmetto, CBD, MCT, Hemp Seed, Coconut, Borage, Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Evening Primrose, Wheat Germ, Pumpkin Seed, Black Currant, Rice Bran, Grape Seed, Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Cranberry, Phytosterols, Lecithin, Palm, Pomegranate, Soy, Black Cumin Seed, Fish Oil, Rosemary, Whey, Avocado, Almond, Olive, Strawberry Seed, Lavender and more.

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