Bulk supply & manufacture of microencapsulated oil powders

Connoils can work with your raw materials or supply the oils to create the oil powders you need for your specific products. Connoils is able to develop turnkey solutions for your business and oil powder products. We can bottle, label or shrink sleeve your oil powders as a finished product.

Connoils has the experience and business acumen to direct you to the best resources for getting your product to market, faster. Our expert formulators have can turn nearly any oil into an oil powder with our heatless drying technology.


The single-source custom wholesale oil powder supplier

Our oil powders created from natural oils derived from flowers, herbs and fruits. Connoils' clients range from startups to big multinational corporations who use oil powders for capsules, pills, dried beverages, drink mixes, supplements, vitamins, emulsions and more. Connoils can help any business create oil powder products to stringent domestic or international specifications for the health, beauty, sports and nutrition industries. 

Connoils powders can help you take nearly any raw ingredient and turn it into an oil powder including, but not limited to:



Microencapsulation offers our clients the most potent version of their desired ingredient in powdered form.

We provide USA made products with ingredients you can trust. Contact the oil and oil powder experts at Connoils today for oils and oil powder products made to spec.

We Buy, Grow or Source Oil & Oil Powder Products

We’ve worked with manufacturers and companies in the pet nutrition, functional food, health, beauty and sports nutrition industries, providing customized formulations with the highest potency available. Our experienced formulators draw on industry leading training and technology to bring your product beyond the standards of regulatory compliance.

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A Single-Source Custom Supplier

We’re competitively priced in oils and oil powders. Through our Peterson Plant Products (PPP) company, we plant or source conventional, organic and biodynamic products with full traceability and documentation, ensuring you meet the regulatory standards of your industry.

Custom Formulation

Cutting-Edge Drying Technology Increases Ingredient Potency

By minimizing the use of heat in transforming oils into oil powders, Connoils maximizes the nutritional integrity of your product through microencapsulation. We're able to create high oil load oil powders that are more potent than those from manufacturers that use traditional drying processes.

Know What's Inside

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