Is there a MOQ?

Minimum order quantities can vary-most of our oils, oil powders and ingredients can be purchased for volumes of 100kg or less. For specifics on the products you need, contact us today!

Are there price break levels per thousands?

We're happy to support start-up, small, mid and large scale opportunities and we'll provide price points that meet your volume needs!

Do you offer USDA Certified Organic/halal/kosher/vegan products with documentation?

We offer USDA NOP Organic, kosher and halal products. While we offer animal derived ingredients like collagen and fish oils and ingredients, we specialize in plant derived products. 95% of what we offer can be considered vegan. Contact us today to learn more about our product certifications.

Do you have a general spec sheet available?

Because we have the ability to customize nearly everything we sell, our documentation is customized too. Our sales team will work with you to determine the best product options for your application.

Do you third-party test all oil and oil powder products?

Everything we sell is third-party tested to ensure the highest quality possible for you and your customers. A certificate analysis is provided when your product ships. For the best natural products contact Connoils today!

How fast can i expect to get my products?

Because most of what we do is customized lead times can vary. A lead time is provided with every offer to ensure your order success!

What size softgels do you offer?

We offer oblongs, ovals, rounds and twist offs – giving you options for the products you want to create! Learn more and contact our formulation experts today.

What do you use as flow agents for oil powder products?

When formulated correctly, oil powders do not require flow agents. Our heatless drying technology allows us to provide the most potent oil powder ingredients for any application. 

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